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Good morning,

I was thinking about how grateful I was for our furry friends this morning and thought about what a wonderful addition Josie has been to our family.

You may not remember me but my name is Autumn Wood and I am from the Cedar Rapids Iowa area.

It was 12 years ago last August that we drove to your farm to pick up our newest addition. She has helped me raise our kids and has been the most loyal, kind, endearing sweet dog we’ve ever had.

She has many disciples in our area as she was one of the first goldendoodles people saw. Many of our friends proceeded to get one after they met our sweet Josie. She will be 13 in June and is still doing very well. We brought her home to be a companion to our standard poodle.

After her arrival, we got another little Shih Tzu. We have lost the original standard poodle but now have another and Josie has helped me raise each other dog that has come into our home. She is the matriarch for our little pack and teaches other dogs to be good.

Thank you for her.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and continue to provide wonderful dogs to loving families.

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