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My husband Ben and I adopted one of your Goldendoodle puppies last fall. We named our puppy Meriwether, and we wanted to let you know that he is an absolutely perfect addition to our little family. Meriwether is playful, smart, and loving. He’s a friend to everyone he meets. With all that is going on in the world, this dog brings us so much joy! I’m including a picture so you can see how much he has grown – he’s up to 40 pounds!
Thank you for breeding such wonderful dogs and bringing a little extra joy into the world. Megan

Barkley is a leader who loves to have a job to do.
We chose to socialize him early with other dogs, and it has proven so successful with his social skills.
He loves to bring in the newspaper, play dates with dog friends, roll in the snow, take baths, play hide and seek and go for car rides. He is my constant shadow and cuddle buddy.
Blessings to you Dede !

We are so blessed to have our girl Scout! She is a true blessing to us & brings us so much joy, love & happiness. We haven’t told her she’s a dog yet, pretty sure she thinks she’s a human 🤔
She was so easy to train & knows lots of tricks and commands. We cannot imagine our lives without her!
We hope you enjoy her picture, she’s used to posing.
Thanks again!

Just have to share! Nala loves the lake and the pontoon rides! No issues with life jacket.
She is a super good dog! Gear fit to our family! Thanks so much!

Just wanted to give you and update on our sweet Birdie!! She is so precious and has the best temperament. We love her to pieces! She experienced snow for the first time and loved it, she kept trying to eat the snowflakes! 😂
I think she is about 45 pounds now.
She is the kids favorite! They are smitten with her. She loves to be out waiting in the front yard when all the kids get out of school, the neighbor kids too! She’s out on walks everyday, we usually do 2 miles a couple times a day and she does great on and off the leash. She’s wonderful!
Thank you so much for the sweetest addition to our family!!

Hi Bill and DeDe,
I have been thinking about you two today, knowing that Minnie (and her siblings!) was born one year ago today!!! Tyler and I didn’t know the excitement and joy ahead of us a year ago at this time. 😄
Just wanted to send you both a message and say thank you again and how amazing our puppy (Minnie) is. She is SO smart (just passed level 5 of 5 training class at the Humane Society) and is incredibly healthy. We are often grateful for the healthy dogs you breed and that we found Red Cedar Farms for our goldendoodle.
Hope you two and your family are doing well!!
-Amy & Tyler

Arthur is growing into the best dog we could have asked for. Everyone asks where we got him for not only his coloring but his personality.
We love him so much so thank you again,

This is our Margo!! We picked her up almost a year ago from Dede and Bill! We couldn’t be happier with her! She’s so smart and so funny! Very expressive and loving. And she is very much a lap dog!! Thanks so much to Red Cedar Farms for a wonderful companion!!!
Can’t thank you enough for what you do!!
Jack and Liz

Zoey has touched so many lives in her 14 years, from caring for the 87 year old lady, my mom, that adopted her, and all her caregivers and dog walkers along the way till mom’s death just short of her 100th birthday. My mom always said to live long you have to have a dog. Zoey proved to be a natural therapy dog when mom went to memory care and brought smiles to many families. Zoey has lived with me for the last 4 years. Always by my mom’s side, Instinctively she knew when it was time for her to come home with me, four years ago. She has been a blessing to me, and everyday I thank God for bringing her into all of our lives. What a wonderful member of our family. She still walks a mile everyday and plays with her ball! Just a big bundle of joy!!!!
Thank you Dede for taking a chance on us and allowing an 87 year old lady to adopt her. I promised you I would always be there as a backup in the event mom could not care for her anymore. I never knew my mom would live so long, but in retrospect Zoey gave her a purpose to keep going.
Cheers, Pamela

We got Oden from you on 10/30/21. He’s such a good boy! He was so easy to train and to top it off he’s handsome and so sweet. He loves playing with my son, they are best friends. Thank you for raising such good dogs!
-Brittany, Steve and Jax


My best description of Major is that he is sweet and affectionate, silly and adventurous, a huge red fluff ball of love. He just has brought so much joy and craziness to our lives!!

Crosby is our Christmas pup from Red Cedar Farms and is just about 1 year old. We absolutely adore him and his fun, sweet, and spirited personality. He is a very smart boy who we have recently discovered has quite the interest in hunting. He loves to be with people whether it be on the boat, yard, or hanging on the couch. He also likes to spend time swimming in the lake or playing in the snow. Everyone who meets Crosby can’t believe how beautiful his thick red coat is. He is the perfect size and the perfect fit for our family. Thank you to RCF for one great pup!

As Xander approaches his 3rd Birthday, I thought I would send you an update about how he is doing.
Xander became certified as a therapy dog at 1.5 years old, and this Fall was approved to come with me to my school counseling office and be available for staff and students during this tough year. My dream of having him come to work with me came true, and I’m beyond thrilled. He is such a good dog, and the smile he brings to the faces of those around him are priceless.
He make us laugh daily. Thanks again for your role in our dream dog!
Here’s to 2021! I hope it is full of happiness and health for you!

“Our big puppy, Daisy, is the absolute perfect addition to our little family! Since joining us 9 months ago, she has developed into a confident, happy, energetic, smart and friendly dog. She loves to swim, cuddle, ride in the car, play fetch and eat. She is constantly making new friends, both canine and human, and we are constantly stopped in the street to inquire about where we got her. Daisy is the 6th doodle that my extended family has gotten from Dede and Red Cedar Farms, and we could not be happier. Thank you Dede!”

Mazie is a sweet loyal dog. She is a people person and loves to be part of the fun! Kathy

Also, here is a picture of our Henry from Red Cedar Farms! He was born almost exactly two years ago! Henry has been the PERFECT addition to our family. He has truly been the best dog we have ever had. Sweet, responsive, empathetic, and just LOVES to cuddle. It is almost like he can hear our thoughts and responds accordingly! And when we take him for walks, everyone always comments on how gorgeous he is (he is getting a big head, but…we couldn’t agree more!).

Ginger is our 64lb lap dog!! Her happy place is snuggled up to one of us. She is a playful girl who loves the water. Our life would not be complete without Ginger in it!!

Georgia is our second pup from RCF. She was a Christmas puppy. I was a little nervous about potty training in the winter, I think the cold air held her attention to business! Georgia is cutest, sweetest puppy we’re ever owned. We just love her. Thank you Bill and Dede!!

Here are some photos of our Goldendoodle Gus. He was born on January 28th, 2018 to your Barney and Hazel. We are so pleased
with him, he has been a perfect addition to our family including our other dog, a German short hair. Gus loves to play fetch and snuggle at night. He also loves socializing with other dogs and meeting new people. He is great with kids and has a sweet nature. We would recommend your puppies to anyone!
Thank you from our family to yours,
-Mara and Todd-

RCF Friends Goldendoodles Photo Gallery