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In this photo, Rowdy is 7 months old. Katie, my daughter had just finished off a jar of peanut butter and gave it to him. That gave him about 45 minutes of happy puppy fun.

Rowdy is 50 lbs of enthusiastic doggy companion. He has more energy than a slinky on an elevator and wants to play all day. So far, he is a really good retriever. Everything from tennis balls to dead training birds, he loves to go find them.

He has a really great nose and he loves to use it to find things. We are members of the Four Points Retriever Club and learning together how to hunt together.

Rowdy gets excited when I start packing the truck to go to training meets. He’s very bright, learns easily, and loves to do tricks for my wife and daughter, especially if food is involved. I’ve enjoyed every moment with him since we picked him up last January.

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