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Birdie – Red Cedar Farms Goldendoodle Dog From Victoria Minnesota

Just wanted to give you and update on our sweet Birdie!! She is so precious and has the best temperament. We love her to pieces! She experienced snow for the first time and loved it, she kept trying to eat the snowflakes! 😂

I think she is about 45 pounds now.

She is the kids favorite! They are smitten with her. She loves to be out waiting in the front yard when all the kids get out of school, the neighbor kids too! She’s out on walks everyday, we usually do 2 miles a couple times a day and she does great on and off the leash. She’s wonderful!
Thank you so much for the sweetest addition to our family!!

IMG 0243 e1587853808780 Red Cedar Farms Goldendoodles Reputable Goldendoodle Puppy Breeders in Minnesota

Birdie turned 1 this past week! We love her so much. She is pure joy all the time. A very good girl and the epitome of unconditional love.

We loved Lady, our 1st RCF Golden, so very much. Birdie is just like her. You breed amazing dogs.


The Roberts Family, Victoria MN

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