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Elwood has just melted our hearts and we love him so much. We have had all kinds of fun adventures and he is everything we could’ve ever hoped for and more. When we are at the dog park everyone just oohs and aahs at him and compliments on how handsome his coloring is and how friendly and good natured he is when playing with other dogs. They are amazed when we share he doesn’t shed – at all!

At 8 months old he’s just over 55 pounds and we expect he has a little more growing to do. We are still holding out on having him neutered until he’s closer to 1 year old. So far so good. He loves to jump and has an amazing vertical – he’s a bouncer. He also loves the water and is blissfully happy any time we go up to the lake. He loves to swim with the kids and chase frogs!

All in all we couldn’t be happier and just want to say thank you for an amazing experience and a wonderful dog.

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