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Griffin is doing wonderfully. Tessa and I already love him to death! He has so much personality, energy, and is incredibly intelligent.

In fact, he has already (at eight weeks old) learned several commands such as come, sit, lay down (sort of), rings his bell when it’s time to go out, learning to walk at our sides, he’s wonderful in his crate, and he is working on high-five! He is also loving the food you recommended (life’s abundance) which is evident given his dramatic increase in size over the past couple of weeks J.

Tessa and I are looking forward to the many years ahead with this fantastic companion! Attached is a picture of him from last week giving his “sad puppy eyes” look that makes our hearts absolutely melt, and another of him playing in the backyard.

Thank you for breeding such a wonderful animal. It is obvious you have the knowledge and experience in creating truly amazing Goldendooodles!

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