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I have attached some recent pictures of Buster. He is growing up to be quite the handsome dog. He is still on the small side and weighs about 17 lbs, so I think you are right that he will be closer to 40 lbs once full grown. We absolutely love him and cannot imagine life without him.

He is such a friendly and outgoing dog and it has been so much fun training him. He just finished his Kinderpuppy class and loved playing with other dogs so much that he cries when he has to leave them. He has also grown rather attached to Andrew and I. He has a great amount of energy, but is also so mellow. My brother came to visit last week and could not believe how calm he is for a puppy. He claimed he was calmer than his older dogs.

He is also a local celebrity, as his picture was in the Laker paper, because he won the cutest Halloween pet costume contest at the Westonka Animal Hospital . Everyday we feel so fortunate that things worked out the way they did and that we were able to get such a great dog like Buster. I always recommend you to anyone we meet who asks about Buster and Goldendoodles.

Thanks again for everything and I hope that things are going well for you!


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