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Lina Drechsel


Greetings, remember me?

I am a black Goldendoodle born 7/10/06 at Red Cedar farms. I was adopted by the Drechsel family in Sept. of that year. I am a happy and content dog, unless I have to get my hair cut. I attended doggy training classes for more than a year, I got a second place ribbon,and impressed my teachers with wow well I learned. My owner say I am a great family pet, am friendly to everyone, and am very silly.

They also say that I was just the kind of dog they were looking for. My favorite activities include; eating, sleeping, playing, swimming, squirl and rabbit watching (and sometimes chasing), getting tummy rubs, finding something cushy to lay on, and playing with other dogs. I just wanted to let you know that I am doing great, and I sent some pictures of me and my siblings.

Sincerely, LIna and the rest of the Drechsels

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