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She loves the snow and she is trained real well. She comes in and goes to her crate until she dries for a while. I bought her a pink little shirt that she wears when we walk. Its cute. She is far to stylish for our home or maybe just to much like Grace. They are always together. Quite the connection that Grace and Tallie have. We are very happy with Tallie in every way.

My husband is teaching her to balance the ball on her head then flip it up and catch it with her mouth. She also catches the ball or frisbee you throw to her and then brings it back for another run. One of her favorite parts of the day is running to the bus stop after school (3 houses down the block). She loves greeting Nick and all of the other kids.

She runs right back home leaving him behind. Guess he is to slow. She also has full run of the house and loves our bed and Gracies bed although at night she sleeps on the couch. Indoors her favorite thing to do is watch the fish in our 55 gallon aquarium or gaze at her reflection in the fire place. She cracks us up…Just a bit spoiled but very much a part of our everyday life!!!

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