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Izze Mem

Tribute to Izze

Sweet Izze left us in March 2022 just shy of her 15th birthday.  That’s a pretty good run for a dog who weighed in at 60 lbs.  She was known in the neighborhood as “the best dog ever” and she truly was.  Izze was often surrounded by neighborhood children, including our own, who would love on her.  She would share her belly for a scratch or cuddle up with whichever child was available.  She also helped a 4-year-old little girl get over her intense fear of dogs.  

She was just gentle and kind all the time.  Izze loved the dog park when she was younger, and she also took on the job of protecting our children from the time they were born.  She would lie with them during “tummy time” as infants and stood to block the steps as they were toddlers.  She made it her job to protect our kids and for that we are forever grateful.  Izze will always be a beloved member of our family and we miss her greatly.

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