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Hi Dede,

I thought you might enjoy a dose of “cuteness” on this Saturday morning. 🙂 Winnie was born 2/11/14 at your place, and she has grown up to be a lovely young lady! Her red coat really sets her apart from all of the cream/apricot doodles that we have in our city.

We CONSTANTLY have people stop to admire and ask about her- you probably will be getting several referrals from us! Behaviorally, she is a gem. She is the Queen Of Finding Stray Socks Left On The Floor.

I haven’t taken her to groomers yet- “prim and proper” just wouldn’t fit her personality. 🙂 So, I shampoo and blow her out every month. We LOVE her and can’t imagine our lives without her!

Have a blessed day, Lori

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