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My name is Wendy Trestman.

10 years ago I received the greatest joy from you which is my sweet Ziggy. He was my first dog and he has changed my life forever. He goes every where with me. He has come to work with me everyday since the day I took him home.

He is extremely spoiled and everybody loves him! Friday (August 21) was his 10th birthday. I can’t believe how the years have flown by! I wanted to thank you for the gift of my Ziggy and let you know that he is living a great life!

I give out your information frequently as people are always asking about you after meeting Ziggy. A few years back we met another Red Cedar doodle at the dog park. The two dogs took off together and I have never seen him so excited about another dog.

After talking to the other owner we realized they were from the same litter! It was as if they knew it! Such an incredible interaction that I will never forget.

Hope all is well at Red Cedar Farm. I have attached a few photos for you.

Thank you again for my beautiful boy!

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