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I was looking at the RCF Friends page on your site and remembering the day we picked out our precious dog, Brie, from Red Cedar Farms more than 11 years ago.

It was easily one of the happiest days of my life and my sister’s life when our parents told us we were finally going to get a dog and surprised us by driving us up to the farm to pick out Brie. Brie was the best first dog anyone could ever ask for.

She was energetic, friendly, beautiful and a great companion. Every time we would take her for a walk, we would get asked “what kind of dog is she” and “oh she is the cutest dog we’ve ever seen!” Some of her favorite activities was waiting for us to open the dishwasher so she could lick all of the plates, going on runs/walks, chasing animals around our yard and simply being with people.

She was truly loved by everyone who knew her. Sadly, she passed away about a month ago, but she was truly a blessing for the 11 short years that we had her and we miss her every day!

(Sorry it took 11 years to pass along a photo!)

Hope all is well, Hannah

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